Why Equipment Loans are so Great

When you need to obtain, update or replace business equipment, equipment financing may be the best option for you. Regardless to if you are looking to purchase a restaurant oven or construction equipment, lenders are eager to help businesses like your own with various financing options. Equipment loans are often used by both startups and established businesses. This offers a fast way to get the equipment you need to get you business going and growing.

What is an Equipment Loan?

Equipment loans are loans provided to businesses to make equipment purchases. The loan is secured by the equipment purchased. Rather than putting up your personal assets as collateral on the loan, the equipment itself is used taking away any risks to you personally. If you do not repay the loan as promised the lender will repossess the equipment.

What Makes Equipment Loans Great?

There are many reasons that business owners are opting to use equipment loans rather than traditional business loans for these much needed equipment purchases.

  • Equipment loans require less financing documentation.
  • You can purchases cutting edge business equipment, keeping up to date.
  • You will save money as you are able to finance 80-100% of the equipment costs. This keeps your business savings where it belongs, in the bank.
  • You will have financing approval right away.
  • Your businesses value will instantly increase with the new asset.

When You Are Ready, We Are Here!

When you apply with us, you’re applying with a trusted company that cares about your financing needs. We’ll take care of you through the whole process.

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