Financing Medical Equipment

Owning a medical practice comes with major bills from meeting payroll to office expenses such as property lease payments and the cost to keep up to date equipment. With outdated equipment you are not offering your patients with the best care available, leaving your medical practice behind in comparison with others. To keep your practice running smoothly and up to date, financing medical equipment can be a great option that does not place a financial burden on your medical practice.

What is Medical Equipment Financing?

From Digital X-Ray machines to computer systems, your company can keep up to date with the help of medical equipment financing. Medical financing takes away the upfront purchase price needed to keep your equipment up today. It spreads out your payments over a 2 to 4 year loan term allowing you to make affordable monthly payments with a low interest rate.

How Do I Qualify for Medical Equipment Financing?

Most lenders will look at your businesses financial history, as well as your personal credit history. This will allow the lender to determine the best loan term and interest rate for your business. The lender will hold a lien on the medical equipment as guarantee for payment. To qualify you must show a strong credit history and a credit score no lower than 640.

How Do I Get Medical Equipment Financing?

  1. Select the medical equipment you would like to purchase, submit an application to the medical equipment companies financial department or to your personal lender.
  2. Submit your business and personal credit information, as well as any other financial documentation requested.
  3. Follow up with the lender to ensure no added information is needed and to review the terms to the medical equipment loan.
  4. Negotiate the terms to the loan and interest rate to ensure you are getting the best medical equipment financing option
  5. Sign the contract and utilize the equipment to keep your business up to date and running smoothly.

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