Financing Office Equipment

To run an efficient and successful business it requires the appropriate equipment for the trade. Regardless to if you are just starting a new office or looking to update your office’s equipment, there are lenders that will help meet your financing needs.

Types of Financing for Office Equipment

There are two types of financing used for office equipment purchases; loans and leasing. Each holds its own benefits to your business and will ease the financial burden of purchasing new equipment. The question many business owners come to is which financing option is best for my business?

Office Equipment Loans

Office equipment loans allow you to purchase the equipment you need with a small amount down, rather than paying the total amount up front. Many office equipment businesses use their own lenders for financing, however you can also choose to use your personal business bank for a loan.

Loan approval is based off your business and personal credit history. This will help the lender generate appropriate loan terms and the interest rate. Most lenders will require a down payment and hold a lien on the office equipment as security for the loan. Loan terms often are 2 to 4 years, at the end of the term your company owns the equipment.

Office Equipment Leasing

Office equipment leasing is a common financing option used by business who choose to keep equipment up to date every 2 to 4 years. A lease is “renting” the equipment, each month you make a payment with interest. At the end of the lease you return the equipment with the option to buy it outright if your choose to do so, or to go into a new lease on the new equipment models. Office equipment lease payments can be written off in the business taxes, offering a great option to ease large tax debts.

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