How You Can Blow Your Investment Pitch

It is important to always be prepared when going in for an investment pitch. You must have everything laid out perfectly to have a successful pitch, securing the funds you need for your business. Even the slightest hiccup in your pitch can cost you thousands of dollars that you otherwise would have had, as well as causing you the embarrassment of blowing your pitch. The following are three major things that can blow your investment pitch:

Your Not a Parrot

Sure you can rehearse all night, review flash cards with all that you want to say written down in words but this is a sure way to blow your pitch. Investors do not want to hear a parrot mimicking back the key points of your business, they want to hear you, they want your passion for your business and how it is going to benefit your customers and how that will benefit them. Yes it is good to be prepared, but it is never good to be over-prepared. You know what your business is and where you are going with it, share it with your investors and show them the enthusiasm you have for this start up!

Be Yourself, They Will Like You

Don’t pretend to be someone you are not. You need to loosen up and be yourself, your likeability is going to help you in achieving your goals not only with your investment pitch, but the overall success of your business. So don’t be stiff and unsure of yourself, just relax and show off what you have to offer as a businessman.

Don’t Short Yourself

Far to many people go into an investment pitch asking for bare minimum, as if they were to ask for more they would be shut down the second they walk into the door. Even if the investor is willing to offer you a deal that sounds great, work for more, you want to get all that you can to grow your business into a true success, they are there to help you!

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