What makes a fundable startup business

Starting a new business venture takes a great deal of effort. One of the most important aspects of any start up business is making sure that you have enough funding on hand to get it up and running. Many business owners look for sources of startup business loans that allow them to keep their business running as they create a solid venture that attracts satisfied customers. Many factors go into the creating a fundable business. It is important to pay attention to such factors as doing so is the key to attracting enough long-term funding.


Traction is one of the key factors when creating any fundable startup. A project with traction is one that has owners who have demonstrated the ability to generate interest and excitement in the world. This is a way of showing those who are going to lend capital that the business idea in question and in practice has value. It also helps show any investors that the proposed business venture is viable. A business owner in search of funding must be prepared to demonstrate that they have gotten at least some notice in the market and will continue to do so in the future.

Your Team

Another important element for a fundable startup business is your team. You need to have a group of dedicated people who can help bring the startup to life. A skilled team of workers should be in place to manage all aspects of the business including sales, training and customer service. All members of the team at any startup should be dedicated to the goal of creating a company that has a loyal base of satisfied customers. Each member of the team should also be fired up and happy about the project to help demonstrate the benefits of investing in it to investors.

Your Products

Any business seeking funding needs to have products and services to demonstrate to show investors. The products need to be either actual products that have been in production for some time, detailed prototype that investors can see and touch or a list of unique services that you can offer to your customers. Be prepared to offer a detailed list of the item or service including how it is used and your expected customers. Company officials should also be prepared to answer any questions investors have about the product or service in great detail.

Your Pitch

Your pitch is an important part of any search for funds. You need to be prepared with a pitch that is engaging and thoughtful as well as detailed and to the point. Any pitch should be accompanied by well thought out, colorful charts and graphs that are designed to highlight the advantages of investing in your company and are easy on the eyes. A pitch should also include written material that can be read as you walk through the entire presentation. Many companies also choose to create a brochure for participants to take home.

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