How to Raise Startup Capital From Non-accredited Angel Investors

Each year, over 55,000 startups find the funding they need through Angels investors. However, not all angel investors have MBAs and live in the business world. There are many private investors that lead average lives, looking only for a good investment and risk their personal funds to help your business succeed. Infact, over the past two years, of the 225,000 angels who made investments, only 15,000 of them belong to angel groups.

Who Are Non-accredited Angel Investors?

A non-accredited angel investor is someone who does not belong to an angel group. They are professionals who work full time jobs, they typically don’t have time for due diligence and will make decisions through trusted referrals or based on gut feelings that your start up business will be a success.

How to Find These Investors?

If you are turning to an angel group you are only pitching to approximately 6% of all angel investors. Turning to campaigning online will help to encouraging non-accredited investors to show their support and market your business. However an online campaign for funding is not going to get you the large amount you need. You need to turn to professionals who are looking for a way to expand their financial future without having to put much into it themselves.

Always Pitch Your Business

Always put yourself in a position where people will ask what you do. Let people know you are looking to raise funds from private investors to get your business started, how others will benefit from it and answer any questions asked about your business.

You do not need to pitch your idea in a formal networking event. You are not asking people for money, you are simply telling them what you do and that you are looking for capital, they may be interested in investing or know someone who may be.


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