How To Raise Startup Capital

Today it can be a daunting task trying to obtain traditional financing or even to successfully pitch to investors. Many lenders are cautious with their money when it comes to start up businesses. Statistics show that more small businesses fail rather than succeed and not many lenders are willing to risk their money on anything less than a sure thing.

If you have cash savings that you can put up for your small business, you are in luck. However not everyone has this option. Do not feel discouraged, as if your business dream will never come to a reality. There are many other lending options available to you, allowing you to get and secure the capital needed to startup a new small business.

Start With a Plan

The first step in the search for financing is to start with a solid business plan. This will show lenders and potential investors what your company can do, its expected profit earnings and how you plan to grow it into a success.

Show Your Knowledge

With a solid business plan in place, it is now time to show lenders and potential investors that you know all about the field you are entering into, your experience, along with your determination and you will find yourself happily surprised by the abundance of capital offered to your startup business. Never be to hasty, while one lending option or investors offer may sound great today, there could be an even better one tomorrow. You must be knowledgeable not only about your business but the resources available to you.

Here are some funding resources that may be available to your startup business:

  • Commercial or SBA Loan
  • Private Investor
  • Friends and family
  • Cash and Savings
  • Stocks and Shares
  • 401(k) retirement cash in



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